Study Hacks to Help You Survive Finals

‘Tis the season for finals, where all-nighters and caffeine consumption are aplenty. Getting through your finals can be challenging, but trust me when I say that you can, and will, survive finals. Luckily there are those who have come before you, succeeded, and were generous enough to share their knowledge. Before you deprive yourself of sleep, try these hacks that will improve your studying and your overall well-being for when its time to actually take those finals.

  1. Let’s start with your body. Your brain needs food to function, and this blog post covers 7 Brain Foods to Help You Power Through Finals. Looks delicious, right?
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  3. Moving on to study hacks, BuzzFeed has put together 16 Studying Hacks For Finals Week. It’s full of cool tricks, like how to combine caffeine and sleep to give you an energy boost.
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  5. I’ll continue to “hack” away with these Study Hacks That Will Help You Ace Your Final Exams. These unconventional tips have worked for your student peers, try them out and see if they can work for you too.
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  7. If you’re looking for the traditional, tried and true study tips, then I suggest that you check out this infographic about 10 Finals Study Tips. It never hurts to remind yourself of the study basics.
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  9. Through it all, remember to stay calm. USATodayCollege has compiled an excellent list of 25 Crucial Study Tips for Finals Week that are varied to cater to nearly every learning style.
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I also wrote a post a while back on Preparing for Midterms with study tips that you can apply to any test, and some of which were not explicitly mentioned in the previous sources. I know that finals are stressful, but you can feel more confident, and survive finals, when you give yourself enough time to prepare. Relax, you’ve got this.

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Nikki Martens

Nikki will be graduating with a Bachelor’s in Communications, Media, & Theatre from Northeastern Illinois University in August of 2016. As a transfer student, she has first-hand knowledge of what it is like to navigate the systems of community colleges, private, and public four-year institutions. Nikki aims to use this academic experience in her writing to help others excel in their collegiate careers. She is powered by coffee and when she isn’t writing, she enjoys spending time with animals by dog sitting and volunteering at a local cat shelter.