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Hello, my name is Scott Hawksworth. I’m the Chief Executive Officer of YesCollege.com’s parent company, Best Online Universities LLC. Our company maintains a variety of web sites that focus on higher education, connecting students with prospective colleges. Having been in “the business” since 2009, I’ve had many opportunities to learn quite a bit about higher education. I remain convinced that a quality college education is the best way to have a career that is both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

Unfortunately, I’ve also discovered that often the most challenging aspect of obtaining a college degree is simply affording it. Institutions in higher education routinely raise tuition rates (at a rate well beyond inflation). Textbooks cost more, too, as does room and board. The meteoric rise of all of these costs–consistently, over a period of decades–has made college a serious investment.

Me (Scott) - BEFORE going to college.

Me (Scott) – BEFORE going to college.

The cost of this investment can be a barrier that prevents potential students from enrolling in college, and ultimately achieving their dreams. To complicate the issue further, it seemed as though there was a noticeable void of quality financial information for students online.  Too many web sites have a lack of data, easy navigation, or a comfortable place for students to meet and discuss the topics that are most important to them. Affording college is challenging enough without having to do it while lacking the proper informational tools!

With this problem fully recognized, I decided that our company should do more than simply connect students with universities. We should be helping students navigate the challenging landscape that is affording college.  After much planning and discussion, we settled on launching this new site that focuses on helping students and parents find out about scholarships, getting into college, and navigating all the financial pitfalls that are now all-too-common. Thus was YesCollege.com born in 2013 (on the Ides of March, no less)!

Me (Scott) - AFTER going to college.

Me (Scott) – AFTER going to college.

Today, this site offers informative articles covering everything from standardized test preparation, to the weirdest scholarships you can think of. Additionally, we offer a free, extensive database of scholarships that our members can use to find potential sources of financial aid. We’re active on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ so we can engage with our readers and keep our fingers on the pulse of education.

We still have much work to do to make YesCollege.com the very best resource it can be for students and parents looking for financial aid information. Stop on by to connect with us (and others) on our forum. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop me a line!


Scott Hawksworth
scott @ yescollege .com