101 Essential Scholarship & Admissions Sites for Student Athletes

Athletic scholarships are a fantastic way to pay for college, but just being good at sports in high school isn’t enough to qualify for them. Finding the scholarships and applying for them is the first hurdle. For many scholarships, there is a rigorous application process, and each scholarship is highly competitive, with many applicants using professional services to help them write great applications and emphasize their potential value as a collegiate athlete. Knowing the admissions requirements of each of their top schools is also an important piece of the puzzle for student athletes.

On top of that, many schools that offer substantial athletic scholarships also have intense recruiting processes for their prized sports teams. Any student athlete who is serious about paying for college with athletic scholarships should find out the details of every school and scholarship they want to apply for. Getting the help of a professional recruiting consultant isn’t a bad idea either, especially for student athletes applying to highly competitive schools or scholarships. These websites offer information on some of the best options out there for student athletes looking to go the extra mile to get admitted to top schools and score great scholarships.

This list isn’t a ranking, but a diverse sample of the best sites and organizations offering scholarships, application assistance, recruiting consultation, and even private coaching for student athletes.

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101 Best Databases For Finding A Scholarship Online


Scholarships are hands-down the best way to finance an education, but getting them isn’t always easy, and even finding enough scholarships to apply for can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are many sites online devoted to helping students find scholarships of all types, from merit-based academic scholarships to those that offer students with specific interests or experience a shot at more college funding, and even contests where students can compete in academic challenges to win tuition money. These databases, search tools, and lists are the best of the best for students who are serious about getting as many great scholarships as possible. This list isn’t meant as a ranking, but rather a resource, a database in itself, of the best scholarship lists, databases, and resources out there.

Many of the resources listed here are databases and search engines for finding scholarships of all types, but there are also lists of scholarships offered by specific organizations, and some general tools and sources of information that are important for scholarship-seekers to consider. For access to the YesCollege scholarship database, all you need to do is become a member. Joining only takes 30 seconds, and it’s absolutely free. Click here to signup.

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Be A Great RA & Help Pay For College: 75 Top Resources

Being a resident assistant or resident adviser for one or more years of college is a great way to decrease your college expenses overall. There are many reasons why becoming an RA is a great decision, but some of the most compelling ones are financial. RAs usually receive:

  • Free or deeply discounted lodgings (often their own large room).
  • Free or deeply discounted meal plans.
  • A regular paycheck or semesterly stipend.

Being an RA can also yield valuable career experience and can even lead to being hired in the residence life office at the college or university after graduation. While this may not be the path that all RAs choose, gaining leadership experience and showing that you’re able to balance a demanding job with a full course load looks great on any resume.

Becoming an RA isn’t for everyone, but for anyone with the disposition, the financial and social benefits make it a worthwhile consideration.

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Top 99 Twitter Accounts Covering Financial Aid


Finding financial aid is a huge part of many students’ college search and application process. Getting good loans, scholarships, grants, and other forms of aid can make the difference between going to a first-choice college, and not going at all, so it is important for students to have access to all of the relevant information about financial aid that might be available to them. Fortunately, there is a huge community of financial aid experts, lending organizations, and even college financial aid offices on Twitter sharing excellent advice on how to go about getting financial aid.

From the #FAChat hashtag to the crucial information tweeted many times daily by the government’s official @FAFSA account, Twitter is a great place to learn about financial aid, and whether you’re just diving in or have been participating in the conversation for years, you may find something new and useful on this list.

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How to Get Into College: 101 Top Resources

Once you’ve decided to go to college, selecting a few great schools and actually getting into them becomes your primary task, and it isn’t always easy. So many factors are considered during the admissions process, from test scores to socioeconomic status, participation in communities and extracurricular activities during high school, and even employment history, that it can be difficult to sort through your own personal history to put together the best application possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources online, from step-by-step guides to one-on-one consulting services, to help students of all ages and backgrounds choose the right school and nail the application process. The sites listed here are numbered for easy browsing, but this isn’t an ordered ranking, just a comprehensive list of excellent resources for students at any phase of the college application and admissions marathon.

New Update: While our original list is fantastic, there were so many more resources out there to help students get into college that we couldn’t feature to keep it at 101. Upon further consideration, we decided to abandon convention and restrictive numbers to give you even MORE tools. We’ve gathered 10 additional resources featured in Honorable Mention — Check it out!
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What Are College Grants? (And How to Get Them): Top 25 Guides


A grant is a form of financial aid, similar to a scholarship, that is awarded to a student to help pay for education costs, and does not need to be repaid. Grants are often issued by organizations with a specific academic interest in mind, in the hopes that the awarded student will make a contribution in the chosen academic field while going to college or after graduating. Some grants are also awarded to students who can demonstrate financial need. The main grant issued to students by the U.S. government is the Pell Grant, which can provide up to $5,500 per academic year for students who need extra financial assistance to complete a degree program. The sites listed here have information on national grants as well as subject specific grants, grants for residents of certain states, and even how to write your own grant proposal if the grant you’re looking for doesn’t exist yet.

In combination with scholarships and loans, grants are a solid option for students looking to finance their education.
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What Are Student Loans? (And How to Get Them): Top 100 Guides


Student loans are one of the most common ways of financing higher education, and there is a lot of confusing information about them online. A student loan, at its core, is a sum of money being loaned to a student by either the government or a private party for the purpose of paying tuition and other costs associated with higher education. Government loans usually come with a low, fixed interest rate of either 3.4% or 6.8%. There is legislation being debated right now that would increase the government interest rate, and private loans typically have higher variable interest rates than government loans.

The price of college is rising, and student loans are a part of almost every student’s life at this point, but knowing how to manage student loans, when to seek them and when to avoid them, and how to maintain a repayment schedule can make the difference between totally manageable student debt, and mounting difficulties that can lead to default. These sites have information on how to get student loans, how to manage money when you’re in debt, and how to pay them off.

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What is Financial Aid? (And How to Get It): Top 50 Guides


Applying for financial aid is one of the most important parts of the college search process. The amount of financial aid a student receives can be the deciding factor about whether they attend the college of their choice. Knowing how to get the most aid possible, from the government, private providers, and the college itself, is crucial. We’ve listed some of the best sites on college financial aid here, from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to individual college financial aid offices with comprehensive FAQs or other resources that any student can benefit from. Any student should know both the big picture and the little tricks to maximizing their financial aid, and this list is a good place to start learning.

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100 Top Tools for Writing The Best Admissions or Scholarship Essay

Essay writing is often an important part of applying for scholarships. No matter what subject you study, writing well is an essential skill, and colleges want to test your capabilities before they let you in the door. Having your scholarship and admissions prospects depend so heavily on a single piece of your writing can be intimidating, but with the right preparation, any prospective student can put together a well crafted essay. The tools and articles on this list are great sources of inspiration, instruction, and motivation for students writing essays that may heavily influence their educational and financial futures.

Update: In an effort to make this list even more comprehensive, we’ve gathered 10 additional tools in an Honorable Mention section!

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100 Unique and Weird Scholarships Worth Applying For (2016)


College scholarships aren’t just for people with high GPAs and great SAT scores. Some scholarship awarding organizations have decided to buck the trend of rewarding academic achievement, and instead offer scholarships based on unique talents, unorthodox interests, creativity, or just unusual circumstances. These scholarships range from simply unique, to quirky, to downright bizarre, but all of them are worth applying for if you meet the requirements, because any scholarships you get now will decrease your college payments in the long term.

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