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Ep 6: Game Design Programs with Mike Sellers

In this episode, Scott explores the exciting world of Game Design with Mike Sellers, Director of the Game Design program at Indiana University – The Media School.

Discover what career paths you can pursue with a game design degree straight from someone who has worked in the industry and teaches it!

Listen in as Mike Sellers walks you through game design courses and programs while also sharing the skills and traits that successful game design students should possess.

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Ep 5: Economics Programs with Robert Lemke

In this episode, Scott explores economics degree programs with Robert J. Lemke, Professor of Economics and Business Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Lake Forest College in Illinois.

Learn what career paths you can pursue with an economics degree directly from someone teaching the subject.

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Ep 4: English Composition Programs with Jason Barr

In this episode, Scott explores English and english composition programs and classes with Jason Barr. Jason is an English professor at Blue Ridge Community College in Weyers Cave, Virginia.

Learn how taking English classes, and possibly even pursuing a major or minor in English can transform your career. Studying English can help you develop your research and writing skills, and give you a solid base for entering the professional world or even graduate school.

Listen in as Jason Barr walks you through courses he teaches, covers the skills students need to have in order to succeed in English composition courses, and more.

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Ep 3: Political Science Programs with Coty Martin

Coty Martin

In this episode Scott has an excellent discussion with Coty Martin, Assistant Visiting Professor of Political Science at West Virginia Wesleyan College. Coty is also a PhD candidate at West Virginia University, studying comparative politics and international relations.

Discover how political science programs can prepare you for careers in a wide variety of professional settings, not just politics. Coty walks you through how he runs his classroom and fosters important discussion and critical thinking among his students. Skills in communication, research, and the ability to interpret data offer a wide range of benefits to any student and future professional!

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Ep 2: Music Production and Audio Programs with Ben Runyan

Ben Runyan

In this episode, Scott was able to chat with Ben Runyan, who is an adjunct professor of music technology at Rowan University. Ben walks you through how he runs his courses, and shares his vast musical experience.

If you’re thinking about making a jump into the music world, this episode is a must hear! You’ll discover how enrolling in music production and other audio programs can prepare you for a career in the music industry, either on the business side or the creative side.

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Ep 1: Pre-Engineering Programs with Dr. Chad Davies

Dr Chad Davis

In this episode, I chatted with Dr. Chad Davies who teaches Physics for students in the pre-engineering program at Gordon State College – located in Barnesville, GA. Dr. Davies also runs his own podcast called The Scientific Odyssey!

Listen in to discover how pre-engineering programs are structured and what they can offer prospective students. If you’re thinking about going down an engineering path, this episode will help you decide if it would be the right choice.

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YesCollege Podcast Coming Soon!


It’s no secret that we are passionate about higher education. But let’s face it, there’s a lot of information on getting into college and succeeding, and it can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’re excited to launch our YesCollege Podcast next month!

In just one month’s time, we’ll release the first three episodes on this website, iTunes, and Google Play Music. And if you follow us on Twitter and Facebook, you’ll see the episodes shared there too!

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