YesCollege Podcast Coming Soon!


It’s no secret that we are passionate about higher education. But let’s face it, there’s a lot of information on getting into college and succeeding, and it can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’re excited to launch our YesCollege Podcast next month!

In just one month’s time, we’ll release the first three episodes on this website, iTunes, and Google Play Music. And if you follow us on Twitter and Facebook, you’ll see the episodes shared there too!

For anyone to tune in, our podcast will be completely free to listen and subscribe to.

So what will this podcast be about anyway?

Scott YesCollege Podcast

We’re glad you asked! The goal of the YesCollege Podcast is to provide all of the important information about a degree all in one place.

Scott Hawksworth, YesCollege founder, will be your host of the podcast. And he’ll be interviewing leaders in academia to explore career and degree programs in depth.

Each episode will focus on a specific aspect of college, ranging from a degree program like a master’s in nursing, to giving advice on the college admissions process. Our guests will be highly knowledgeable in that subject and could be a professor, head of a department, or an academic/admissions adviser. Scott and our guests will discuss things like…

  • what’s required before applying to a degree program
  • tips on how to get accepted
  • what kind of classes and structure you can expect
  • what concentrations are available for that major
  • which subject make the most sense for those who want to dual major/minor
  • the career outlook of that degree field
  • what is trending in that career right now

…and the list could go on!

Is there anything else?

Yes! Our site will also feature:

  1. a recap of the episode
  2. a list of actual degree programs from accredited colleges relating to the major discussed during the episode

For example, if we cover a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and you want to learn more, just scroll down the page to find a list of traditional, hybrid, and online criminal justice degree programs from all over the country.

We hope that gives you a taste of what this podcast will be like, and how it can streamline your college experience.

Because that’s what matters most – your college experience – and providing the best possible resources to get into and succeed in college.

Have any questions, comments, or want us to include any more information? Great! Let us know on Twitter and Facebook!

About the Author Nikki Martens

Nikki holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication, Media, and Theatre from Northeastern Illinois University, and became a transfer-student expert in the process. Currently Nikki assists with the content development process for YesCollege, through gathering information and writing about the degree programs in our databases.