How to Get Into College: 101 Top Resources

Once you’ve decided to go to college, selecting a few great schools and actually getting into them becomes your primary task, and it isn’t always easy. So many factors are considered during the admissions process, from test scores to socioeconomic status, participation in communities and extracurricular activities during high school, and even employment history, that it can be difficult to sort through your own personal history to put together the best application possible.

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources online, from step-by-step guides to one-on-one consulting services, to help students of all ages and backgrounds choose the right school and nail the application process. The sites listed here are numbered for easy browsing, but this isn’t an ordered ranking, just a comprehensive list of excellent resources for students at any phase of the college application and admissions marathon.

You can scroll through this list, or use the links below to jump to a specific section.

New Update: While our original list is fantastic, there were so many more resources out there to help students get into college that we couldn’t feature to keep it at 101. Upon further consideration, we decided to abandon convention and restrictive numbers to give you even MORE tools. We’ve gathered 10 additional resources featured in Honorable Mention — Check it out!


A personal admissions coach or consultant is one of the most common ways that driven students gain the edge they need to get into the college of their choice. Many admissions consultants offer free advice and planning tools on their websites, while making themselves available for more comprehensive and individualized consulting services on a for-hire basis.

  1. Smart Track Toolkit


    Smart Track Toolkit is a professional grade tool for developing a plan for getting through every aspect of applying for college, including maximizing financial aid options, test prep, and filling out application forms.

    Get Motivated: Admissions Assistance

  2. Higher Education Consultants Association


    The Higher Education Consultants Association is dedicated to “Advancing Professionalism in College Admissions Consulting,” and while their website is largely aimed at professional consultants, it also has great resources for students looking for consulting services or just tips on how to go about getting into college.

    Get Motivated: Directory of Admissions Consultants

  3. Ivy Planners


    Ivy Planners helps top tier students distinguish themselves as they go through the rigorous admissions process at Ivy League schools and other highly selective institutions.

    Get Motivated: Admissions Counseling

  4. New Futuro


    New Futuro is designed to help students, in Spanish or English, with the obstacles they inhibit many from being able to attend college. The inclusion of a personalized 10-step plan is extremely useful, as it helps provide students with the resources enabling them to successfully attend college.

    Get Motivated: College Plan

  5. The College Helper


    The College Helper is very useful to the prospective college student. Their categories include helpful advice on planning for college, managing the larger workload, as well as selecting the best college for a student, and how to apply.

    Get Motivated: Surviving Freshman Year

  6. The Newman Guide


    The Newman Guide is a comprehensive tool to locating the Catholic college that is the best fit for a student. The site has helpful guides for planning college and places an emphasis on understanding what kind of catholic college a student would like to attend.

    Get Motivated: College Planning Guides

  7. The Ivy Coach


    The Ivy Coach is a great guide for working with students who are looking for that very particular edge to getting into one of the best colleges in the country. The Ivy Coach provides a number of valuable features, from SAT/ACT Tutoring to Admissions Counseling, and a useful blog to get valuable information on a timely basis.

    Get Motivated: College Admissions Resources

  8. College Consultants of South Carolina


    College Consultants of South Carolina works with students to help manage the rapidly increasing list of college application preparations. The group works with students to understand their options concerning scholarships, curriculum choices, and more.

    Get Motivated: Services

  9. Emerson Education Consulting


    Emerson Education Consulting is a group focused on providing college students with the support to make the best choice for college and guide them through the process to do so. They provide invaluable tools for international students and even advice for prospective graduate students beginning the application process.

    Get Motivated: Resources

  10. The Admission Game


    The Admission Game focuses on helping students with college planning by keeping the focus on them and what they will need in particular situations to succeed.

    Get Motivated: Programs

  11. Educated Quest


    Educated Quest helps students get the know-how they need to be prepared for college and even provides school profiles and tips for searching for different colleges.

    Get Motivated: School Profiles

  12. Adam Markus: Graduate Admissions Guru


    Adam Markus focuses his efforts specifically on helping students get into graduate school through topics tailored to essays, resumes, recommendations, and other key statistics to getting into graduate school.

    Get Motivated: Intake Forms

  13. Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities


    The Association of Independent California College and Universities helps students prepare for college by underlining their options and emphasizing plenty of preparation.

    Get Motivated: How to Plan

  14. Cates Tutoring


    Cates Tutoring offers a suite of services to help students pass crucial tests, finish application paperwork, and generally nail the admissions process at their chosen colleges. The company’s site offers different sections for students preparing for various undergraduate and graduate level tests, and the company specializes in helping international students find their perfect academic setting in the U.S.

    Get Motivated: Cates International

  15. College Guide


    College Guide is a tool for students who are preparing to figure out where they would like to attend college, but are unsure where to begin.

    Get Motivated: Student Guides

  16. Klemmer Educational Consulting


    Klemmer Educational Consulting provides crucial guidance for students looking to navigate the admissions and application process in a more efficient way.

    Get Motivated: Educational Cents

  17. Pamela K. Pik College Consulting LLC


    Pamela K. Pik College Consulting pairs students with an educational consultant to look at a variety of parameters to ensure students are equipped with a list of colleges that are most in-line with what they would like to do. Pam helps identify what colleges look for and how to appeal to even the most stringent requirements.

    Get Motivated: College Admissions Blog

  18. College Counselling


    CollegeCounselling was developed by Robin S. Groelle to give students the tools to get into the colleges they would like to attend. With information catered to international students, home-schooled students, and many particular areas, the site is great for preparing for college.

    Get Motivated: What Colleges Seek

  19. Spark Admissions


    Spark Admissions is a great resource for giving students a great understanding of what colleges are looking for and how to provide it. The blog is particularly useful and the site has been featured on some of the top news publications in the country.

    Get Motivated: College Admissions Services

  20. Admit Insights


    AdmitInsights specialize in college admissions and take students step-by-step through the process of how to get into the schools they desire. After entering information and picking desired schools, a virtual counselor compiles the information and makes a comprehensive report on the students strong and weak areas to better prepare them for college.

    Get Motivated: Resources

  21. College Admissions Coaching LLC


    College Admissions Coaching is operated by Thalia Thompson and she works with students to hone college essays and personal statements, flesh out resumes and portfolios, and ensure students have the best presentation possible to colleges when applying. Her in-depth methods have yielded fantastic results for students.

    Get Motivated: Philosophy and Approach

  22. Cooper College Quest


    Cooper College Quest helps students navigate the cumbersome process of college admissions and the founder, Barbara Cooper, has worked with students for over three decades, helping countless high school, transfer, international, and adult students get into college.

    Get Motivated: Services

  23. The College Admissions Consultant Inc.


    The College Admissions Consultant assists students who are trying to gain admissions into both the California and Ivy League Schools. C.A.C. also helps students who want to focus on special programs such as Gap Year, BS/MD, and Fine/Performing Arts. They also can provide both subject and SAT/ACT test prep tutoring as well as two different types of financial aid sources for families, bringing the whole admissions process into one simple package!

    Get Motivated: Our Comprehensive Programs

  24. Admissions Consultants


    Admissions Consultants analyze different statistics to formulate the best approach to getting prospective college students into the schools of their dreams. With consistently updated blog entries and news briefings, it is a great tool for getting into school.

    Get Motivated: College

  25. College Connection


    College Connection helps students break down all of the options for college admissions with some quality links to college fairs, various workshops, and even a section called The College Whisperer.

    Get Motivated: The College Whisperer

  26. College Connections


    College Connections has quality resources to help students, ranging from online test preparation to educational consulting and even various events and workshops to help students figure out what the best course of action pertaining to college is.

    Get Motivated: College Financial Planning

  27. College Admission Consultants


    College Admission Consultants outlines the most crucial advice for getting into the schools of your dreams. They provide students with local information sessions and are actively engaged in the college admissions process.

    Get Motivated: Top Ten Tips

  28. Peggy Baker Educational Consultant


    Peggy Baker has worked with students for over 20 years on the admissions process and even teaches SAT preparation courses. Her hands-on experience gives her a significant edge when it comes to consulting and she is highly regarded in concerning college preparation.

    Get Motivated: Resources

  29. Montgomery Educational Consulting


    Montgomery Educational Consulting helps students stand out from the increasingly competitive application process and Mark Montgomery is even a former college professor. His experience from the perspective of inside a college is invaluable and helps set Montgomery Educational Counseling apart.

    Get Motivated: Services

  30. Coaching 4 College Admissions


    Coaching 4 College Admissions outlines the process to get into the college students desire and has special programs designed to help put them on the inside track. They also help with SAT and ACT test preparation and use extremely intuitive teaching methods.

    Get Motivated: Services

  31. Less Stress College


    Less Stress College is run by Dr. Sandra J. Eller who works with students, translating her hands-on experience into useful guidance for prospective high school students.

    Get Motivated: Upcoming Events

  32. Sibia Admissions


    Sibia Admissions was co-founded by a graduate of Harvard University, and the company’s consultants have helped numerous applicants to college, as well as to graduate and professional schools. Sibia offers unique admissions consulting packages, ranging from personal statement editing and interview coaching to course & standardized test mapping. The site also offers useful guides for parents and students navigating the college admissions process together.

    Get Motivated: College Overview

  33. Mosaic College Prep


    Mosaic College Prep details the increasingly difficult process of being accepted into college and how to successfully get accepted. Additionally, they help students get accepted to graduate school and turn difficult processes into concise, easy-to-understand steps which help students more readily become accepted.

    Get Motivated: Applying To College

  34. Howard Greene & Associates


    Howard Greene & Associates is a fantastic resource pertinent to the college application process. Their educational counseling and consulting is highly regarded and gives students a wealth of experience to benefit from.

    Get Motivated: Consulting

  35. Deborah Shames, College Consultant


    Deborah Shames is a fantastic choice for college admissions counseling and has almost 20 years of experience supporting students. Her personalized services set her apart from many of the other consulting services.

    Get Motivated: Services

  36. American College Admissions Consultants


    American College Admissions Consultants is great for students looking to gain assistance and valuable insight into the college admissions process. Through their unparalleled access to college admissions officials, they have the inside connection students can use to gain a better understanding of what colleges are looking for.

    Get Motivated: College Admission Services

  37. Pathfinder Counseling


    Pathfinder Counseling helps students with the college process by giving them top quality posts on college information with great resources for students and parents as well.

    Get Motivated: Resources

  38. Compass Education Strategies


    Compass Education Strategies gives students quality information on how to prepare for college and how to get into the school students desire.

    Get Motivated: Blog/Radio

  39. College Admission Coach


    College Admission Coach blogs about the best tips for getting into college and also how to navigate the cumbersome process of applying for college. The posts typically highlight particular issues and elaborate on each in depth.

    Get Motivated: Teacher Recommendation Requests

  40. ScholarEdge


    Scholar Edge College Consulting works with students to understand the process of getting into desired colleges and how to best approach applying and pursuing schools a student is interested in.

    Get Motivated: Our Products

  41. Position U 4 College


    Position U 4 College looks at students individual needs and tailors college coaching services to them. By looking at a variety of factors, Position U 4 College helps students get situated for the best possible outcome from applying to college.

    Get Motivated: College Admissions Consultant Service

  42. Expert Admissions


    Expert Admissions helps students get into the college of their dreams by helping students stand out and emphasize their strong suits on their college application.

    Get Motivated: Our Services

  43. College Consulting, Inc.


    College Consulting Inc. is a full-service consulting firm that works with high school students looking to make the most out of their opportunities to get into fantastic schools across the country.

    Get Motivated: College Success

  44. Quest Bridge


    Quest Bridge helps low-income students by pairing them with scholarships and exclusive financial aid for exemplary grades and achievements.

    Get Motivated: For Students

  45. AdmissionsConsultants


    College Admission collaborates with students to make sure they have the ability to get into the colleges they desire by properly equipping them with the resources to succeed.

    Get Motivated: College Admissions

  46. International College Counselors


    International College Counselors helps students with the most difficult parts of the college application process, from planning to financial aid, they make sure students aren’t left to fend for themselves.

    Get Motivated: Services

  47. The College Advisor


    The College Advisor has been around since 2002 and works with students to give them the tools to properly succeed at getting into the college they want, as well as handling loans.

    Get Motivated: Students

  48. College Path


    College Path provides expert counseling and guidance through the college admissions process, providing useful worksheets and even a great bookstore to use.

    Get Motivated: College Path

  49. Northcoast Educational Consulting


    Northcoast Educational Consulting knows the best ways to approach the college admissions process and encourages students to become better educated on how to get to college.

    Get Motivated: Services

  50. A List Education


    A-List Education outlines the most crucial element to the admissions process to college and informs students how to successfully be accepted to the school of their choice.

    Get Motivated: Success Stories

  51. College Bound Admissions Academy


    The work of College Bound Academy identifies the strong points of students and uses those to help project them above the static of students applying to school simultaneously.

    Get Motivated: Our Team

  52. College Consulting Services


    College Consulting Services is great for students looking to gain that extra edge in order to get into the school they want. Through their consulting services, they are able to work with students and enable them to “stand out from the crowd” of college applicants.

    Get Motivated: Services

  53. Mercer Educational Consulting


    Mercer Educational Consulting is based in Los Angeles and helps students understand the requirements that need to be met in order to succeed at the college admissions process. Their services have proven results and even work with students who don’t live in the Los Angeles area via video conferences.

    Get Motivated: Services

  54. College Admissions Pathways


    Colleges Admissions Pathways give students the guidance and support to get into the school of their choice. They help by outlining proven methods for getting into the school of a student’s choice.

    Get Motivated: Testimonials

  55. College Coach


    College Coach is great for getting some first-person advice on how to navigate the college admissions process and how to ensure that students can get into the colleges they want to. They highlight all of the most important elements and their blog posts are very useful for gaining a better understanding into the process.

    Get Motivated: Student Offerings

  56. College Admissions Training


    College Admissions Training provides services to help students have what they need to understand how to schedule college visits and have access to quality educational counseling.

    Get Motivated: Services

  57. College Advisor of New York


    The College Advisor of New York has helped students get admitted to some of the best colleges across the country through their extremely thorough college counseling service.

    Get Motivated: What We Do

  58. LaMeire College Consulting


    LaMeire College Consulting works with students to properly prepare them for college the results have yielded many of these students successfully being admitted to some of the best universities in the country.

    Get Motivated: College Admissions Counseling



There are a few high-profile blogs and books that tend to dominate the conversation about college selection and admissions. These are great resources, such as the Fiske Guides and The Princeton Review, but there are also many other blogs, resources, and books available covering every part of the process, from selecting a college to applying and being admitted.

  1. Fiske Guides


    The Fiske Guides help students figure out the best approach to applying for college and how students can prepare themselves for the college application process.

    Get Motivated: Updates

  2. In


    Esteemed website The Princeton Review is known as one of the best site for college information and their guide to college admissions is no let down either. The comprehensive overviews of particular college preparation aspects are very useful and encourages students to take advantage of the wealth of material.

    Get Motivated: College Education

  3. Get Into College Blog


    Get Into College Blog gives tons of awesome information to prepare students for the college application process, even including quality book recommendations and advice on college essays, and the application.

    Get Motivated: Infographics

  4. College Counseling for the Rest of Us


    College Counseling for the Rest of Us looks at different issues prospective college students typically face and confronts them in order to help these students get into the college they desire.

    Get Motivated: 17 Things to Remember in Surviving the College Decision Process

  5. eCampusTours


    eCampus Tours saves students time and money by allowing them to take virtual tours of over 1,300 colleges across the country and better allocate their time towards applying to the schools they would like to pursue. Additionally, they help with college planning, paying for college, and campus life tips as well.

    Get Motivated: Campus Tours

  6. EduPlan


    EduPlan outlines the best way to approach the cumbersome college application process and helps students with valuable counseling to ensure they get into the school they desire.

    Get Motivated: EduPlan College, MBA & Grad School Admissions

  7. Off to College


    OfftoCollege makes the process of planning for college much easier through comprehensive advice and extensive know-how on the college process. They help with college planning and the very cumbersome financial aid process.

    Get Motivated: College Planning Tools

  8. The Prospect


    The Prospect is a refreshing take on college admissions counseling. By providing genuinely interesting articles aimed at grabbing the attention of prospective students, the site flourishes when browsing the articles on the college admissions process.

    Get Motivated: College Life

  9. YOUniversityTV


    YOUniversity TV provides an in-depth array of campus tours through videos and supplements with great information and pictures.

    Get Motivated: College Video Tours

  10. How to Get into College


    How To Get Into College outlines the essentials to getting into college and the best way to go about doing so. They outline the costs of college and what you will take away if you decide to go.

    Get Motivated: How to Write a Successful College Admissions Essay

  11. National College Access Network


    National College Access Network is an organization committed to encouraging a larger proportion of students to attend college and gain more skills to be successful. Through numerous initiatives, up-to-date news links, and many different events, they help students become better prepared for college.

    Get Motivated: Common Measures

  12. PossibilityU


    PossibilityU caters to students’ needs to understand the college admissions process and helps them apply, get aid, and succeed in college. The site provides numerous solutions to students who are struggling to stand out from others when applying for college.

    Get Motivated: The Need

  13. Cappex


    Cappex analyzes many different parameters within the matrix for applying to college and uses their database of insightful information to propagate more intuitive ways for students to get into college. They help students by allowing them to create a profile and tailor searches to what they want in a college. Subsequently, they help students identify what colleges are looking for.

    Get Motivated: Correspondence Code: A College Student’s Guide to Email Etiquette

  14. Admission Possible


    Admission Possible briefs students on the information to know when applying to college such as how to get into their college of choice, but also how to confront the financial burdens of attending.

    Get Motivated: Examples/Lists

  15. College Basics


    College Basics outlines the fundamentals of applying, paying, and planning for college through a variety of useful sites and equips students sufficiently to help navigate the college application process.

    Get Motivated: The Application

  16. Happy Schools Blog


    Happy Schools Blog regularly posts about the most useful information regarding applying to school, studying abroad, as well as useful information pertaining to visas and more.

    Get Motivated: Application Process

  17. Absolute Admit by Unigo


    Absolute Admit by Unigo works with students to help differentiate them from the pack of similarly qualified peers and help them get into the college of their dreams.

    Get Motivated: Compare Plans

  18. KnowHow2Go


    KnowHow2GO breaks down the steps for getting into college for high school students into easier to digest pieces that are intuitive for understanding how to approach the process. They give tips customized to age levels ranging from middle school to seniors in high school.

    Get Motivated: 4 Steps to College

  19. The College Solution


    The College Solution is an incredibly effective resource for students looking to gain insight on a variety of subjects pertinent to getting into college and how to make it affordable.

    Get Motivated: Webinars

  20. College Countdown


    College Countdown uses an innovative timeline to help illustrate where exactly a student should be in the college application process and other aspects of figuring out college. Additionally, their advice for parents and teachers helps equip many others with valuable knowledge to help students.

    Get Motivated: For Students

  21. College Admission


    College Admission provides a wealth of quality content for prospective students. The wealth of information they provide, combined with an in-depth blog, fill out the site and help any prospective college student find some solace in the admissions process.

    Get Motivated: True Admissions Blog

  22. College Bound Network Blog


    College Bound Network outlines the most crucial elements to getting into college, and more importantly, how to avoid many of the common pitfalls that leave students just short of entry into their preferred schools.

    Get Motivated: Financial Aid

  23. Colleges that Change Lives


    Colleges That Change Lives is a comprehensive source for students looking to not only gain a better understanding of how to get into the best colleges, but where the best places to invest time are, as well as how to differentiate themselves for the vast amounts of students applying to such limited spots in college admissions.

    Get Motivated: Counselors That Change Lives



Sometimes just a few helpful tips or an FAQ covering the main points of college admission is enough to kickstart the process for students and parents who aren’t sure where to begin. These general resources, many provided by admissions consultants or other professionals in the higher ed industry, can offer everything from a basic jolt of motivation to in-depth instructions on how to optimize a college application.

  1. ask it! College Prep


    askit! College Prep looks at many different areas concerning the lead-up and even the application process for college. Through their comprehensive sections covering applications, entrance exams, scholarships, and college finances, the site prepares students for anything they may encounter in their quest to be accepted into college.

    Get Motivated: College Entrance Exams

  2. Hernandez College Consulting


    Hernandez College Consulting works extensively with students to ensure that they are able to get accepted to the Ivy League school of their choice. They have an extremely intuitive application boot camp, among other useful resources.

    Get Motivated: Our Results

  3. Precision Admission


    Precision Admission focuses solely on students, tailoring programs to individual needs, which helps students get into the college of their dreams. The valuable admission guidance and counseling equips students with the knowledge to succeed.

    Get Motivated: Why Us?

  4. The Student Advisor


    The Student Advisor is a subsidiary of The Washington Post and has thorough methods for the college admissions process and how to successfully become admitted.

    Get Motivated: Scholarships

  5. Silicon Valley Education Foundation


    The Silicon Valley Education Foundation aims to work with young learners to prepare them in the most effective ways for college and how to go about educating on the college preparation process.

    Get Motivated: Empowering Students

  6. Learn More Indiana


    LearnMoreIndiana is an initiative to encourage more Indiana residents to not only go to college, but to equip them with the resources to plan, prepare, and figure out how to pay for college. The site is incredibly dense with helpful links and tools to get ready for college.

    Get Motivated: Colleges

  7. LEAP – College Bound Blog


    Learning Enrichment & Assistance Program, also known as LEAP, prepares high school students for ACT and SAT tests in order to have the most options available when beginning to look at college. They give plenty of useful advice for garnering the attention of whichever college a student would like to attend and educates on a number of areas in preparation for college.

    Get Motivated: College Bound Blog

  8. College Planning Center of Rhode Island


    College Planning Center of Rhode Island makes the college application process much easier with guidance from experienced counselors on how to best approach college. With valuable advice on planning, paying, and understanding the best fit for each student, the site is extremely thorough.

    Get Motivated: Pay For College

  9. College Times


    College Times helps students prepare for attending college with resources allowing them to view colleges around the world. Their profiles on different scholarships, clubs, careers, and degrees are particularly useful.

    Get Motivated: Blog

  10. The Neurotic Parent


    The Neurotic Parent blogs regularly about the increasingly difficult process to getting admitted to the college of choice. Posts highlight different college admissions issues and the best ways to circumvent all of the stress.

    Get Motivated: You Tour – You’re In – Science is Hard – You Graduate – You Look For Work

  11. What Will They Learn?


    What Will They Learn focuses on providing students the information on colleges that isn’t conveyed in typical ranking websites. It breaks down schools and provides a ton of useful information to students about great schools that may typically get overlooked.

    Get Motivated: Compare Schools

  12. College Week Live


    College Week Live connects students to various counselors, college reps, and more. They give students access to a ton of different events and have an extensive list of universities they work with to provide students with tools for success.

    Get Motivated: Counselors

  13. American Council on Education – Access to Higher Education


    The American Council on Education features a variety of content devoted to enriching the information students have access to when applying to college.

    Get Motivated: Graduate Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity: Fall 2010

  14. Christian College Guide


    Christian College Guide outlines the best ways to find a Christian college around the country that is the most closely oriented to the beliefs of prospective students.

    Get Motivated: Prepare for College

  15. Let’s Get Ready


    Let’s Get Ready guides students from high school through the college application process and uses innovative methods for showing students how to best prepare for college. This subsequently sets the groundwork for students assisting other students with getting into college.

    Get Motivated: Our Model and Impact

  16. Clear Admit


    Clear Admit is an admissions consulting service and helps students who are working to exhibit distinguishable qualities from their peers. The site helps with many different methods to help propel students forward.

    Get Motivated: Services

  17. Colledge


    Colledge sets students up with valuable insight on how to get into college through a wealth of experience on how to approach it.

    Get Motivated: One-On-One

  18. South Carolina Can Go To College


    South Carolina Can Go to College equips students with the resources for implementing an effective plan to attend college, from applying, to planning, to financing and paying. They provide students with useful dates and even a nice resource kit.

    Get Motivated: Resource Kit

  19. Higher Ed Utah


    Higher Ed Utah helps students who seek consulting and counseling for getting into the college of their choice. Through innovative measures and a broad array of implementations, Higher Ed Utah is successful in working with students looking to succeed in college.

    Get Motivated: Finance and Faculties

  20. OK College Start


    OK College Start underlines the most important elements for getting students to the college of their choice and how to pay for it. The site is incredibly thorough and works with students to have the best chance for success.

    Get Motivated: Explore Colleges


Honorable Mention

College GuidesIn our search, we discovered so many useful tools to aid students in their quest to get into college that we found it difficult to limit it. Below you’ll find 10 additional fantastic resources that could have been included the first time around. These sites and organizations are useful to any student who is trying to navigate the complicated college application and acceptance landscape!

  1. My College Vision – CollegeVision is a tool that is available to students which offers expert college admissions guidance. Students will have the opportuntiy to work with a coach on their applications, in order to ensure they are making the most out of their chance to get into the college of their dreams. In addition, this site also offers resources for parents, to explain how the process works.
  2. College Prep Express – College Prep Express offers a resource that highlights the top three criteria that colleges consider in the admissions process: grades, test scores, and application packaging. Offering workshops, classes, and study group opportunities, this is a perfect resource for students who want to be well-prepared for the stressful application process.
  3. Breakthrough College Counseling – It is never too early for students in high school to begin thinking about college. This website offers resources to students in their freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years the opporunity to learn more about what they can do in their academic career to be acceped to an Ivy League University. You should also consider checking out College Admissions Breakthrough, a recently published book by CEO, Jaleh Fariborz.
  4. School Guides – Are you a student who is having trouble deciding which schools to apply to? Fret not, because this site offers students the opportunity to conduct a convenient online search for colleges tailored to their specialty, time-oriented interests and geographical desire.
  5. College Admissions Consulting – This is a comprehensive website that offers students a wide range of resources available to get the most out of the application process. By aiding students in selecting a college, and evaluating the application essay, getting into college is made seamless and less stressful.
  6. College Tool Kit – The motto of this website is: “Getting into college involves more than just finding the right school.” That statement could not be more true. In order to help students in every facet of getting into and affording college, this site provides students with a chance to explore careers, as well as delve into potential scholarships and student loan opportunities.
  7. My College Calendar – Featured in both the Seattle Times and a Forbes article, My College Caldendar is an excellent resource for students who want to go to college. Offering a daily calendar for students to stay on track, as well as resources for parents, this site offers an opporutnity to get the most out of the application process. Giving students the resource to be more organized will not only increase their chances of being accepted into a college, but it will also teach them a valuable lesson about topics such as prioritizing and time management.
  8. Road to College – Getting into college is more than just doing research and getting good test scores. Offering students guidance on how to do well with their college interview, as well as how to write the most comprehensive essay, this site provides students with an opportunity to make the best out of every aspect of their admissions process.
  9. The Sports Scholarship Handbook – Are you an athlete who has their sights set on pursuing higher education? If you answered “yes” to the previous question, then this is the site for you! Athletic Aid is a website that is completely targeted to high school athletes who want to go to college. The site offers answers and advice on some of the most pressing questions high school athletes have, as well as information on financial aid and available scholarships!
  10. College Admission Advisors – Applying to college is a great source of stress for most students. Having a counselor readily available is a great help to students who are going through the motions of getting into college. College Admission Advisors is a website that gives students the opportunity to meet with experts in college counseling through a variety of platforms. Serving students in the U.S. and internationally, the advisors are available by appointment through skype, thus making it even easier for students to get the help they need!


About the Author Scott Hawksworth

Scott Hawksworth is's founder and podcast host. His goal with the show is to not only help prospective students gain first hand knowledge about the degree programs they'll enroll in, but to also highlight the careers of fantastic professionals in higher ed. Scott has a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from The Ohio State University.