Quick Links – Insider Advice on Admissions and Interviews

Applying to colleges and universities is an exciting process. Part of this process is researching what those schools are looking for in your essays and transcript, and what they are hoping to find out about you in the interview process. I’ve compiled sources that give you an insider’s advice that ranges from admission advisors to successful students.

General Admissions Advice

Each of these sites give personal advice on a wide range of admissions topics, including essay writing, extracurriculars, when to apply, and more.

  1. Student Profiles: How we got to college – Over 70 high school students share how they successfully made it through the college admissions process.
  2. 9 Things I Wish People Understood About Getting Into College – This independent college counselor shares her perspective as a way to demystify the admission process.
  3. Advice College Admissions Officers Give Their Own Kids – These college admissions officers have a well-rounded perspective because they can see what the process is like on both the applicant and the admissions’ side.
  4. The Top 13 Things College Admissions Officers Want – You know that colleges are looking for good ACT/SAT scores, and here’s what else they want.
  5. 10 things college applicants need to understand – This Yale graduate gives some tough love-style advice on the realities of getting into college.
  6. 8 Things Admissions Officers Wish You Knew About Applying to College – Admissions officers from all over the country provide encouragement as well as their personal take on how to execute advice you may have heard before.
  7. University Guide: Want a place? Get the insider knowledge – Admissions’ tutors offer input to high school-age and older students on a variety of topics like what to study, where to apply, and how to present yourself.

Interviewing Tips

The interview allows the college to put your face with your name, and it can greatly influence your application process. Here you’ll find sources to expert advice on what to and not to do during your college interview.

  1. Avoid These Top College Admissions Interview Mistakes – This SAT tutor shares the common “don’ts” that are committed during interviews in hopes that you can learn from their mishaps.
  2. Top College Interview Tips – They cut right to the chase with these six quick tips (and a video) on what your behavior should be like during an interview.
  3. Show These 5 Traits During College Admissions Interviews – Just like the title says, this article discusses the five traits that you should try to demonstrate during the interview process.

Now that you’ve got an insider’s look at what colleges want, you can use this knowledge to your advantage when your in the midst of the application process.

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Scott Hawksworth is YesCollege.com's founder and podcast host. His goal with the show is to not only help prospective students gain first hand knowledge about the degree programs they'll enroll in, but to also highlight the careers of fantastic professionals in higher ed. Scott has a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from The Ohio State University.