Ep 16: MBA Programs with Jason Oliver, PhD

It’s time to explore Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programs! This week, Scott was joined by Jason Oliver, who is an Associate Marketing Professor and the MBA program coordinator in the Gabelli School of Business at Roger Williams University.

Jay has a ton of experience both professionally and in education, having taught students at a number of institutions. His unique perspective as the MBA program coordinator gives him loads of insight into what students should know before enrolling. Listen in to get advice and a thorough overview of what it takes to get into an MBA program, and be successful!

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Ep 15: Accounting Programs with Dr. Michael Paz

Take a tour of accounting programs on this week’s episode of the YesCollege podcast! Scott is joined by Dr. Michael Paz, Assistant Professor of Accounting in the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business. In addition to having experience working in accounting professionally, Michael has taught a multitude of classes covering different accounting subjects. He offered up some unique insight into not only the profession as a whole, but the academic path accounting students will often follow.

Accounting is a wide ranging field, with different areas such as financial accounting, managerial accounting, forensic accounting, and more. Michael breaks these fields down, offers up information on what careers you can pursue with an accounting degree, what often trips students up, and more.

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Ep 14: Criminal Justice Programs with Jim Kerns and Dr. Laura King

This week, Scott was joined by two guests from Boise State University to help him explore undergraduate criminal justice programs. Dr. Laura King is an associate professor and undergraduate coordinator for the criminal justice program. Jim Kerns is an adjunct professor as well as the internship coordinator at Boise State.

Criminal justice is popular field, but there’s often a lot of confusion among prospective students about the career and academic paths it presents. This episode serves to demystify that, while also delving into the “what” and “why” of the criminal justice. With two experienced guests (one with a PhD and the other with decades of law enforcement experience), there are tons of great tidbits to take away!

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Ep 13: Communications Programs with Katharine Larkin

Explore communications programs (with a bit of english and literature mixed on) on this week’s episode of the YesCollege podcast!

Scott was able to chat with Katharine Larkin, adjunct faculty at Robert Morris University in the Pittsburgh area (Moon Township) of Pennsylvania.

Katharine has taught many classes over the years, but most recently public speaking, english literature, and persuasive writing. Communications is the kind of subject that any student could benefit from, because working with others is so crucial to many career paths.

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Ep 12: School Counseling Programs with Janine Menard

This week Scott was able to chat with a different kind of guest who had a lot of great insight on studying and later pursuing a career in school counseling.

Janine Menard is a school counselor in the Isaac School District in Arizona and is also the board chair of the Arizona School Counselors Association. Janine shared her thoughts on not only what it takes to be successful as a school counselor, but also what courses prospective students should be prepared to take.

Janine also shares her story of heading back to school to go from a Mortgage Broker to an educator. If you’re interested in a fulfilling career helping to educate students and prepare them for success, this episode is a must listen!

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Ep 11: Mechanical Engineering Programs with Dr. Kristina Lawyer

This week’s episode explores engineering programs, with a focus on mechanical engineering specifically. Scott is joined by Dr. Kristina Lawyer, Assistant Professor in the Indiana State University College of Technology.

In this episode discover the varying engineering programs you can pursue (including the difference between traditional engineering and engineering technology). You’ll also learn what career opportunities await mechanical engineering graduates.

Listen in as Dr. Lawyer walks outlines the courses she teaches, the skills and interests that successful engineering students have, and a whole lot more.

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Ep 10: Graduate Criminal Justice Programs with Dr. Allison D. Redlich

Dr. Allison Redlich

This week’s episode is all about graduate level criminal justice programs. Scott is joined by Dr. Allison D. Redlich, professor and Director of Graduate Programs at the George Mason University College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Learn about the types of graduate level criminal justice degrees you can pursue, and the career opportunities that await you once you’ve completed your program.

Listen in as Dr. Redlich walks you through some of the courses she teachers, goes over some of the skills and interests that are helpful for successful criminology students to have, and much more.

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Ep 9: Graduate Nursing Programs with Dr. Teresa Whited

In this episode, Scott explores graduate nursing degree programs with Teresa Whited, DNP, APRN, CPNP-PC. Dr. Whited is Director of Master of Nursing Science Program at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) as well as an Assistant Clinical Professor.

Learn how graduate nursing programs are designed, and what doors they can open for your career as a medical professional.

Listen in as Dr. Teresa Whited covers the courses graduate nursing students take, how a school like UAMS prepares graduate nurses for success after graduation, and more.

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Ep 8: Ethnomusicology Programs with Vivek Virani

Today Scott is joined by Vivek Virani, who teaches Ethnomusicology and Music Theory courses at the University of North Texas.

If you really love music, and are passionate about how different cultures interact with music, this episode is perfect for you!

Listen in as Vivek Virani walks you through courses he teaches, reveals who exactly might make a good ethnomusicology student, and more.

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Ep 7: English Literature Programs with Ryan Poll

Ryan Poll

In this episode, Scott explores English degree programs (with a focus on English literature) with Ryan Poll, Graduate Coordinator and Assistant Professor at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago.

Learn what career paths you can pursue with an English degree directly from someone teaching the subject.

Listen in as Ryan Poll walks you through courses he teaches, reveals the skills and traits that make good students successful in English, and more.

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