Yay! YOU WANT TO GO TO COLLEGE! Cool! Now what?

If you’ve mentioned going to college to anyone, you KNOW that the first thing they’ll ask will be something along the lines of “What’s your major going to be?” And chances are that you have at least somewhat of an idea, but you need to nail down the specifics, like:

  • What kind of degree do you want? Associate, Bachelors, Masters, etc.
  • Where do you want to go to school? In a big city, small town, online, or hybrid?
  • Is the program accredited? Yep! All of the ones listed in our degree pages are!

Luckily you’re in the right place, and have found our Degrees page, the headquarters for degree programs from all over the U.S. And if you don’t see the program you’re interested in right now, bookmark this page and check back later – we’re constantly updating it!

Choices to make about your degree

Accounting Bachelor’s Degrees
Audio Engineering Bachelor’s Degrees
Business Administration Master’s Degrees
Communications Bachelor’s Degrees
Computer Science Bachelor’s Degrees
Criminal Justice Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral Degrees
Cybersecurity Master’s Degrees
Economics Bachelor’s Degrees
Engineering Pre-Engineering
English Composition and Writing Bachelor’s Degrees
English Language and Literature Bachelor’s Degrees
Ethnomusicology Master’s Degrees
Forensic Science Bachelor’s Degrees
Game Design and Development Bachelor’s Degrees
Journalism Bachelor’s Degrees
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor’s Degrees
Nuclear Engineering Bachelor’s Degrees
Nursing Master’s Degrees
Political Science Bachelor’s Degrees
Real Estate Master’s Degrees
School Counseling Master’s Degrees
Sociology Bachelor’s Degrees
Statistics Bachelor’s Degrees

If you want to listen to in-depth explorations of various fields of study, check out our podcast episodes. For more information on getting into and affording college, check out our guides section.