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Attention, potential college student! We are Scott, Josh, Sarah and Nikki… absolute nerds when it comes to higher education. We have one simple mission:
Help prospective students make the absolute BEST choice for their degree.
How do we do it? We run an awesome podcast where REAL COLLEGE PROFESSORS and Higher Education PROFESSIONALS tell you about their classes, programs, and succeeding in college. We also built a database of programs you can browse to find the best degree option to meet your academic and professional goals.

The YesCollege Team

The YesCollege Team

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Meet the host – Scott Hawksworth

I started YesCollege back in 2013 as a way to dive deep into applying to and affording college. Since then, I’ve come to the realization that so many people don’t even make it to that point. Too many people see the overwhelming amount of degrees that are out there and hit a wall, or maybe they have a degree in mind but don’t know what to look for in a program. Now I spend my time breaking down those barriers to give our listeners the inside scoop on college degree programs – straight from the source.

We've Been There, Done That

You KNOW you’re ready for college, but you NEED to be sure you make the right choice. College is expensive, and studying a subject that’s a poor fit for you can lead to disaster. We’ve all been through the process, and have each had our own challenges. Our college struggles motivate us to make YesCollege better every day!

Scott Hawksworth

Scott – The procrastinator who took an extra year to graduate… nice for another season of D1 college football, not so nice when it came time to pay back those loans!

Sarah Bass

Sarah – The overachiever who got not one, but TWO master’s degrees (and secretly wishes she got neither).

Josh Weikel

Josh – The anti-social curmudgeon who took mostly online classes so he didn’t have to drive to school.

Nikki Martens

Nikki – The indecisive (but determined) college grad that changed her major three four times.

Explore Your Degree Program Options

In addition to our podcasts where we sit down one-on-one with professors and education professionals, we also have guides that provide even more info on degrees. These guides are great for exploring each field of study and what your options are with schools from across the country. We’ve included some of the most popular degrees below.

Accounting Bachelor’s Degrees
Audio Engineering Bachelor’s Degrees
Business Administration Master’s Degrees
Communications Bachelor’s Degrees
Computer Science Bachelor’s Degrees
Criminal Justice Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral Degrees
Cybersecurity Master’s Degrees
Economics Bachelor’s Degrees
Engineering Pre-Engineering
English Composition and Writing Bachelor’s Degrees
English Language and Literature Bachelor’s Degrees
Ethnomusicology Master’s Degrees
Forensic Science Bachelor’s Degrees
Game Design and Development Bachelor’s Degrees
Journalism Bachelor’s Degrees
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor’s Degrees
Nuclear Engineering Bachelor’s Degrees
Nursing Master’s Degrees
Political Science Bachelor’s Degrees
Real Estate Master’s Degrees
School Counseling Master’s Degrees
Sociology Bachelor’s Degrees
Statistics Bachelor’s Degrees
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