Ep 29: MBA in Real Estate Programs with Andra Ghent

We’re back again with another episode of the YesCollege podcast! This week, Scott was joined by Andra Ghent, the Academic Director of the James A. Graaskamp Center for Real Estate and an Associate Professor in Real Estate & Urban Land Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Andra had a ton of fantastic information to share about MBA in Real Estate programs. Given the quality program Wisconsin offers, we couldn’t think of a better guest!

Some people might associate the field of real estate only with agents and private home sales and purchases. In reality, the field is much deeper, especially when you study it at a graduate level. Through research and instruction, students get a higher level view of real estate that prepares them to work in a variety of exciting settings upon graduation. Listen in to gain new insight into the world of graduate level real estate courses, degrees and careers!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • What real estate is as an academic discipline (as opposed to what people normally associate with “real estate”).
  • Which career tracks and opportunities are available to those with graduate level (especially MBA) degrees in real estate.
  • How real estate classes are structured and what are some of the more common “pain points” when studying it.
  • Andra’s thoughts on the future of real estate, and how technology is changing the way cities are laid out.
  • Plus a whole lot more!

Featured on the Show:

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  • University of Wisconsin-Madison at a Glance

    University of Wisconsin Madison Logo

    In the past 170 years since its founding, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has grown from one campus building, to 13 schools and colleges spread across 936 acres. The university aims to be at the forefront of education and research, and does so through the multitude of undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and certificate programs available in virtually every subject. With about 900 clubs and organizations at UW, students can find their community, immerse themselves in a different culture, and have early access to networking events.

    • University Established: 1848
    • University Student Population: ~44,000
    • Location: Madison, Wisconsin
    • Mascot: Bucky Badger

    MBA with a Real Estate focus from The University of Wisconsin-Madison

    At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, students can earn a Master of Business Administration, Real Estate Concentration, that allows them to learn how to use the latest industry technology through hands-on experience managing a 1.5 million dollar real estate investment trust (REIT). Students in this program can also attend international study trips and conferences, and take advanced courses in real estate development, investment, analysis, and business.

    Student Organization of the Week: Central Arizona Chapter of The Society for Conservation Biology

    Higher education is nothing without students, so we want to recognize students doing great work building community and engaging their peers. That’s why each week we highlight a student organization of the week from selections nominated by our listeners.

    As a reminder, if you know of a great Student Organization on your campus, let us know! You can send nomination emails to scottyescollege.com and tell me all about it.

    So for this week, we’re thrilled to select the Central Arizona Chapter of The Society for Conservation Biology (CACSCB).

    They are the local chapter of the International Society for Conservation Biology, which is an organization focused on developing the scientific and technical means to protect, maintain, and restore life on this planet… including its species, ecological and evolutionary processes, and its “particular and total environment.”

    They are student run, and have great goals they work towards such as

    • Connect students within the conservation biology community here at Arizona State University.
    • Teach students relevant technical skills related to conservation biology.
    • Provide opportunities for students to network with researchers, conservationists, biologists… to begin establishing themselves in the community.
    • Allow students to improve and build upon their resumes via advice from professionals in various fields.
    • And more!

    Membership is open to all undergraduate students, so the inclusive approach shows even more how they’re building community while also doing great work.

    Congrats on your selection, and keep up it up!

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