10 Great Sites to Help You Get Into an Ivy League School

Getting into an Ivy League school can seem impossible. Thankfully, there are preliminary steps you can take to increase your chances of being accepted, as well as steps to take during the admissions process. We’ve gathered ten great sites to help make the process of getting into an Ivy League school more doable, and hopefully, a little less daunting!

We have gathered what we feel are some of the best sites and resources to help students through the stressful and anxiety-filled process of applying to an Ivy League school. Below are the top ten we found, in no particular order.

  1. IvyGate: IvyGate is an online resource available to students who want to know what they need to do in order to be accepted to an Ivy League school. This site has a step-by-step guide to help students, as well as testimonies from students who have been through the process already!
  2. The Ivy Coach: This online resource is designed to “make an Ivy League admission a reality.” Offering students tools such as admissions counseling and admission assurance workshops, The Ivy Coach is an excellent resource, and source of confidence, for students who want to apply to an Ivy League school.
  3. How to Get Into an Ivy League School – wikiHow: WikiHow is offering students a resource to help them through the process of applying to, and getting accepted to, an Ivy League school. This online tool presents students with three ways to aid them in getting accepted to the school of their dreams.
  4. College Confidential: As an online resource available to students, College Confidential gives students a helpful timeline tool, so it is easier to conceptualize exactly what it takes to get into an Ivy League school. Also offering tips and advice on standardized testing and writing the essays, this is a comprehensive tool for students to utilize.
  5. ADMISSIONS OFFICER: Here’s What They Don’t Tell You About Getting Into An Ivy League School – Business Insider: An article written by a former Ivy League admission officer, this provides students with a rare insight into what really happens during the admission process. Delving into topics such as the selection process and information about athletes, this is an excellent resource for students who want the inside scoop to have an even bigger advantage.
  6. How (Not) To Get Into An Ivy – Forbes: A little different than traditional, helpful websites, this article focuses on what not to do in order to be accepted. By giving students advice on what they should not do, not only does it offer a different perspective, but it also helps cover the full spectrum of how to be admitted to an Ivy League school.
  7. Get into collegeCampus Explorer: As a student, how do you know if an Ivy League school is really where you want to go? This site breaks down statistics from the Ivy League school on standardized tests and the rate at which students were accepted. Should you decide that you want to apply to an Ivy League school, this site also offers helpful tips on the admissions process.
  8. How Ivy League Admissions Work: The admissions process is often times shrouded in mystery. This article helps uncover some of the mystery behind how the admissions process works, and thus gives students a clear mind when submitting their application.
  9. IvySuccess: This is an online resource that provides students with strategies and aid in the admissions process to Ivy League schools. The admissions process is often times shrouded in mystery. The site is run by former admissions officers to aid students in relieving some of the stress that can be associated with this important application.
  10. Reddit AMA With an Ivy League Admissions Officer: Have you ever wished you could ask an admission officer questions about the application process? Well, thanks to this forum, now you can. Ask any burning questions, and get real answers, from a real admissions officer.

These ten sites are designed to make applying to an Ivy League school a little easier, by removing some of the mystery surrounding what they expect from prospective students. Just take a deep breath and check out the sites, it’ll make the whole process less stressful, and the resources provided will only make the process easier, because you’ll be getting helpful tips from people who have been involved in these processes before.

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