101 Essential Scholarship & Admissions Sites for Student Athletes

Athletic scholarships are a fantastic way to pay for college, but just being good at sports in high school isn’t enough to qualify for them. Finding the scholarships and applying for them is the first hurdle. For many scholarships, there is a rigorous application process, and each scholarship is highly competitive, with many applicants using professional services to help them write great applications and emphasize their potential value as a collegiate athlete. Knowing the admissions requirements of each of their top schools is also an important piece of the puzzle for student athletes.

On top of that, many schools that offer substantial athletic scholarships also have intense recruiting processes for their prized sports teams. Any student athlete who is serious about paying for college with athletic scholarships should find out the details of every school and scholarship they want to apply for. Getting the help of a professional recruiting consultant isn’t a bad idea either, especially for student athletes applying to highly competitive schools or scholarships. These websites offer information on some of the best options out there for student athletes looking to go the extra mile to get admitted to top schools and score great scholarships.

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This list isn’t a ranking, but a diverse sample of the best sites and organizations offering scholarships, application assistance, recruiting consultation, and even private coaching for student athletes.

Scholarship Sources & Information

    Getting scholarships involves several steps, from learning which scholarships are available to finding out about their application requirements and actually submitting an application. These sites can help with each step in that process, and there are even a few specific scholarships listed as well.

  1. Scholarships.com -Sports Scholarships


    Sports Scholarships from Scholarships.com has some original ideas on how to attain scholarships relevant to sports and more.

  2. Athletic Aid


    Athletic Aid helps students get various sports-related scholarships, financial aid, and much more. The site has great tools for parents looking to help their children as well.

  3. Breakthrough Basketball


    Breakthrough Basketball has a great guide on how to get a basketball scholarship. It’s not as easy as you would think, even with the talent. Advice outlines all the most crucial aspects, so make sure to take a minute and read through this.

  4. Athletic Scholarship Corporation


    The Athletic Scholarship Corporation works with professionals from across the country to equip the most qualified student-athletes with the scholarships to ensure success on and off the field.

  5. Oklahoma City Riversport College Scholarships


    Oklahoma City Riversport provides information about almost 2,000 scholarships for women pursuing rowing at a collegiate level. The organization also provides lists of colleges that sponsor students and rowing teams in each division.

    • More Info: Row
  6. PlayAtlantic


    PlayAtlantic enables students from around the world to catch the eye of American college coaches and ultimately achieve their goal of bringing their talents to America.

  7. College Golf Scholarship Advisors


    College Golf Scholarship Advisors goes in-depth on the particularities concerning sticking out to college coaches and how to continuously improve your game as you refine your focus as to playing golf at a collegiate level.

  8. Big Future Athletic Scholarships


    Big Future Athletic Scholarships from The College Board is an exceptional source for locating different scholarships relevant to sports across the country. If you’re an athlete attempting to get a foothold in this area, it’s definitely worth checking out.

  9. Scholarbook Scholarships


    Scholarbook Scholarships breaks down all the latest scholarships into intuitive categories in which it’s easy to find athletic scholarships catering to high school students across the country.

  10. Hoop Group


    Hoop Group features useful information on basketball clinics and camps, and regular tips on how to get scholarships, how to get recruited, and how to succeed in basketball. The site’s columns include regular scholarship and recruiting tips from Alan Stein and Rob Kennedy.

  11. Scholarship Stats


    Scholarship Stats breaks down information on how many scholarships are available concerning a given sport, as well as the total number of schools offering these scholarship’s They break down information into men and women as well just so others can understand how scholarships are awarded.

  12. iHoops Guide to Basketball Scholarships


    iHoops Guide to Basketball Scholarships is a very detailed site that shows how to take the most advantage of the recruiting process and play basketball in college and attain high quality scholarships.

  13. FirstPointUSA Crew Scholarship


    FirstPointUSA Crew Scholarship is an integral site for those who row and are looking to go to college and continue rowing at a more esteemed level. The organization works greatly to improve chances of getting recruiting and be a stand-out player.

  14. Athnet


    Athnet helps athletes and parents work towards that crucial next step of attaining scholarships and getting recruited to play sports. Whether you’re doing it for the financial incentive to reduce your burden upon graduation or wish to continue on the play professional sports, this site can prove incredibly useful.

  15. Scholarship X: The Ultimate Scholarship


    Scholarship X has all the information one could ever need concerning scholarships for basketball and how to get involved. It’s incredibly detailed, but presents it in an approachable manner.

  16. College Sports Scholarships


    College Sports Scholarships looks at the most complicated aspects of getting into collegiate-level sports and explains how to get around even the biggest obstacles.

  17. Scholarship For Athletes


    Scholarship for Athletes is a consulting firm that keeps the focus on getting athletes where they want. Through a program that works to get them exposure to coaches, the organization works with students from start to finish.

  18. Guide to Athletic Scholarships


    The Guide to Athletic Scholarships takes confusion out of the process of locating the best school and scholarship for each student athlete.

  19. Sports Scholarship Pro


    Sports Scholarship Pro gives incredible advice on how to get sports scholarships and chase your dreams to the next level. There’s a variety of information, so it’s applicable to many different types of student-athletes.

  20. College Scholarships Athletics


    College Scholarships takes a unique approach on getting athletes ready for playing sports in college and they understand that each individual must have a tailored approach to ensure the best results.

  21. Football Scholarship Tips


    Football Scholarship Tips is an in-depth tool for understanding how to get to college-level football. It’s geared towards parents and gives them the most valuable ways to help their son.

  22. Prep Baseball Report


    Prep Baseball Report covers an impressive amount of ground when it comes to detailing all the events and player statistics for those looking to play at a higher level.


Student Athlete Recruiting

Colleges with elite sports teams tend to recruit their athletes carefully. For student athletes who want to attend the best schools and still get scholarships, working with a recruiting consultant who has experience in the system is a good way to get a leg up on the competition.

  1. National Collegiate Athletic Association


    The National Collegiate Athletic Association, better known as the NCAA, is the official organization through which college sports teams compete. Their information on recruiting is very insightful and it’s a great place to gain an understanding of the entire college sports process.

  2. The Jerry Pettibone Group, LLC


    Led by former college football coach and renowned recruiter Jerry Pettibone, The Jerry Pettibone Group helps high school football players gain exposure to college programs matching their skill set with an honest and comprehensive evaluation, increasing their exposure to the coaching staff and potentially even being considered for an athletic scholarship. The organization works ardently to not only be personal advocates for high school athletes, but also to help their families understand the complex recruiting process, all while operating within NCAA recruiting guidelines.

  3. Student Athlete World


    Student Athlete World provides immense recruiting tools that include educational tools relevant to recruiting, consultation, college-matching, and much more.

  4. Triple Crown Sports


    Triple Crown Sports is a search engine for different events, camps, clinics, tournaments, and more, all with an incredible ease-of-use for any prospective college athlete or their parents.

  5. The Rower’s Edge


    The Rowers Edge is a comprehensive source for getting the best consulting survives for going to college and being a rower. Their incredible depth is well-noted in their process and college they work with.

  6. College Athletic Recruiting Service


    College Athletic Recruiting Service keeps students at the forefront of the minds of college coaches around the country to help get them placed into different athletic programs and further work towards achieving the goals they have in mind. They understand the high cost that is many times associated with these companies and so focus on providing the lowest cost possible.

  7. Hoop Recruiter


    HoopRecruiter details the process to getting recruited for college basketball and how to ensure you stand out. The site has a vast amount of free content to help student athletes navigate this cumbersome process.

  8. Future Champions Golf College Information


    Future Champions Golf College has a large amount of tools for locating the best scholarships and giving athletes the exposure needed to successfully attain collegiate scholarships.

  9. Athletes USA


    Athletes USA works with student athletes around the country to connect them with various coaches in many different sports around the country.

  10. Keep Playing Baseball


    Figuring out how to keep maintaining a career in baseball can be difficult, especially when you don’t know how to go about it. Keep Playing Baseball’s tips set them apart as a great info resource, and their useful videos are another reason anyone hoping to play college baseball should check this site out.

  11. Play on Saturdays


    Play on Saturdays details how high school students can attain a scholarship and play football in college. It’s useful due to their apps for iPhone and iPad.

  12. Dynamite Sports


    Dynamite Sports is an intuitive guide for athletes looking to play sports in college and further hone in on their specialties to best provide for the team they will ultimately play for.

  13. Rowing Recruiting


    When it comes to rowing in college, it’s important to know how to take that crucial next step to get the eye of recruiters and make an impact that can improve your chances of getting selected for a team.

  14. Recruit Look


    Recruit Look presents real solutions to pairing athletes with the university that works best for them to play sports at a collegiate level. Their vast resources have helped countless athletes pursue their passions at a more competitive level.

  15. Real Deal Recruits


    Real Deal Recruits helps athletes create profiles to allow recruiters to find them and understand what the ways they could be good fits for their potential university. Additionally, it has good information relating to recruiting for those who are unfamiliar with the process.

  16. Free Recruiting Webinar


    Free Recruiting Webinar has a chief goal of promoting athletes to chase their dreams and properly focus on sports instead of a giant marketing process to play college sports. They help to inform athletes on how to go about getting the best exposure and learning all the facts about playing sports in college.

  17. Recruiticus


    Recruiticus helps athletes of any kind to get noticed through well-designed and informative profiles. The information outlines not only how to get noticed, but how to get selected as well.

  18. The Sport Source


    The Sport Source is loaded with athletic guides for college students looking to understand how to get a scholarship in a number of areas pertaining to sports. Additionally, they have an e-College Counselor to help with many different aspects of applying to college.

  19. Victory Collegiate Consulting


    This site was launched in 2006 to ease the ability of parents who were struggling with how to appropriately work with their children and get them into the colleges they want and playing sports.

  20. Inside Lacrosse: Recruiting Roundup


    Inside Lacrosse: Recruiting Roundup has some of the best material for getting recruited at a collegiate level for lacrosse. Their in-depth tools make it much easier to stand out from the rest of the crowd and get into a good school.

  21. National Collegiate Scouting Association


    The National Collegiate Scouting Association it the official organization that scours the world finding the most qualified athletes for your team. Their incredible amount of professionalism is unparalleled and can change your approach to recruiting.

  22. Baseball Factory


    Baseball Factory has great information on B.A.T.S., their Baseball and Academic Targeting Service. It’s interesting and details how to move up from high school. They’ve helped over 2,500 players get drafted, including over 230 major league players.

  23. Lacrosse Recruits


    Lacrosse Recruits helps players build a profile and even equips them with a free recruiting guide to understand the best methods for garnering attention.

  24. Athletic Quest Recruiting


    If you want to get in the minds of college coaches around the country, you can’t just wait for them to show up at a game. Being proactive not only shows initiative to them, but increases the likelihood of you playing in college. Athletic Quest is well-seasoned in working with student-athletes, so it is worth working with them.

  25. National Scouting Report

    NSR Logo

    The National Scouting Report is one of the most extensive sites in the country for locating the best athletes in the country. They identify, evaluate, and help ensure the highest quality of athletes.

  26. Playced


    Playced helps pair athletes with the colleges who best fit for them, while making sure colleges have the best athletes possible.

  27. Web Star Recruits


    Web Star Recruits displays an impressive array of athletes, which makes it easier to find a place to fit when working on playing sports in college.

  28. Branch West Recruiting Assistance Service


    Branch West Recruiting Assistance Service helps basketball players from across the country currently being recruited, as well as those not currently being pursued, and helps them make the most informed decisions possible.

  29. Top Prospect Network


    Top Prospect Network compiles lists of the best athletes in the country and works to get them placed into college athletic programs.

  30. Recruiting Realities


    Recruiting Realities has a pragmatic view when approaching different elements of become an athlete in college and works to set different teams and associations up with speakers and seminars to understand the process more thoroughly.

  31. College Baseball Connect


    College Baseball Connect helps elite baseball players maximize their exposure to the recruiters for Division 1, 2, and 3-level college teams. They have refined a large curriculum for promoting success.

  32. Recruit a Wrestler


    Recruit A Wrestler is one of the elite sites for wrestlers to come and get information on college and build a profile to help get exposure.

  33. Select College Athlete Recruiting


    Select College Athlete Recruiting works with over 1,700 colleges to get athletes placed into their programs with scholarships that allow them to prosper.

  34. Varsityedge


    Varsityedge aims to assist anyone trying to enter into college sports, from parents to student athletes to coaches. The recruiting process in the 21st century has evolved so greatly that it has become important to use every resource at your disposal to differentiate yourself.

  35. College Prospects of America Inc.


    College Prospects of America has been working with student athletes since 1986, so they know all the “in’s and out’s” of the college recruiting process.

  36. Sports Scholarships


    Sports Scholarships looks at all the scholarships available to students in the United States and makes sure they have all the information to succeed along the way.

  37. College Baseball Camps


    College Baseball Camps is a great list of all the camps, showcases, and training sessions for baseball programs around the country, as well as elite college baseball clinics. It’s highly recommended to attend some of these, not only for exposure to some premier coaches, but to improve your skills.

  38. College Baseball Recruiting Solutions


    College Baseball Recruiting Solutions is all about showing athletes a perspective that other recruiting services don’t want you to see because it’s how they’re able to stay profitable. Through knowing their particular tricks to getting the attention of coaches and recruiters, you can make it easier on yourself to get into baseball at a college level.

  39. Basketball for All College Recruitment Guide


    Basketball for All College Recruitment Guide is for the person who is working on their own to gain the attention of scouts. Their “DIY” approach to recruiting can prove incredibly effective if you’re an athlete looking to turn a crucial corner.

  40. Vespoli Recruiting Service


    Vespoli Recruiting Service connects high school rowers with college rowing coaches and helps those looking to move to another level with their rowing abilities. It allows students to post personal, academic, and athletic information for coaches to view.

  41. Worldwide Baseball Prospects


    Worldwide Baseball Prospects leads the way in providing coaches with the material to ensure they properly motivate high school players to take their skills to the next level.

  42. eScout4u


    eScout4u goes abo getting an athletic scholarship in an innovative new way and through their methods may be capable of increasing the likelihood of you getting a scholarship.

  43. National Recruitment


    National Recruitment is a service that helps that emphasizes the importance of recruiting services to move players up from high school and into college or professional-level athletics. They detail the most important aspects of basketball recruiting to help make more informed decisions.

  44. LAXPOWER Lacrosse Recruiting Guide


    Lacrosse Recruiting Guide helps lacrosse players be realistic, but still reach farther than they probably thought possible in terms of playing collegiate-level sports. Their guide details some of the most important information to know.


High School Athlete Preparation

Serious student athletes don’t wait until the summer after senior year to start thinking about athletic scholarships and getting recruited to a good sports school. Working with a prep coach or consultant throughout high school can up the odds of getting a college sports scout’s attention when it comes time to seek college admission and scholarships.

  1. beRecruited


    Boasting an audience of over 25,000 coaches for 1.5 million athletes, beRecruited is a premier source for getting noticed and playing sports in college.

  2. College Connections: Athletic Recruitment Counseling Services


    College Connections, LLC is an impressive resource for athletes in any sport looking to get recruited by colleges. In addition to athletes gaining the best exposure possible through their Athletic Recruitment Counseling Services, College Connections, LLC also assists with the entire college application process including: online test preparation, financial planning, college essay guidance, college lists, visits, interviews, recommendations and more.

  3. CSA Prepstar


    CSA Prepstar shows some of the up-and-coming athletes and provides a stream of what their lives are like, along with news and updates from the sports field and scouts.

  4. CaptainU


    CaptainU walks athletes through the process of getting the attention of college coaches and successfully taking that next step towards their dreams.

  5. College Athletic Placement Service


    It’s important to understand how crucial placement services can be for helping athletes play sports at a competitive level by helping them refine their skills in college.

  6. Go Big Recruiting


    Go Big Recruiting is a recruiting service that helps students get noticed by coaches and recruiters by allowing them to upload game and highlight videos. Athletes are then notified every time a coach views their video.

  7. The Athlete Watch


    The Athlete Watch has an edge over other recruiting tools through their useful resources. It’s also colorful and inviting to the eye of college recruiters.

  8. Olympic Archery in Schools


    Olympic Archery In Schools works with students at a young age to promote archery to get them in the prime position to not only do archery in college, but more importantly, the Olympics.

  9. High School Baseball Web


    High School Baseball Web has articles on baseball recruiting at a college level, interviews with coaches and scouts, along with how-to guides, and other links to relevant baseball information.

  10. Star Athletes Online


    Star Athletes Online helps athletes and parents navigate the cumbersome recruiting process by providing clarity on how to promote yourself in a more effective manner.

  11. Athlete Recruiting Services


    Athlete Recruiting Services has a database dense with college athletic coaches for making your dream of playing at the next level a reality. It allows you to build a profile and then add your accomplishments to maximize opportunities.

  12. Athlete Web Services, Inc.


    Athlete Web Services Inc. focuses on helping student athletes get noticed by professional and college-level recruiters to give them the best chance of continuing to play sports. They’ve done phenomenal work with other students, so look into it today.

  13. Future Athletes


    Future Athletes is a site that effective connects athletes, coaches, and recruiters to provide the most talent to be moved to the next level. It’s an intuitive resource for all parties and should be explored.

  14. College Bound Athletic Connection


    College Bound Athletic Connection works to get higher rates of athletes in college and works to give students the compensation they need to make it happen in the form of scholarships.

  15. PrimeScout


    Prime Scout is focused intently on college recruiting and how to stand out in the static of all athletes constantly vying to make it to the next level. Additionally, they have a page for European athletes looking to come to America for school.

  16. College Sports Connection


    College Sports Connection gets student athletes the exposure they deserve and connects them with the right college coaches to ensure success outside of high school.

  17. Get My Name Out


    Get My Name Out is a contemporary view on getting recruited and works to get athletes the exposure they need. They also have great videos and a section for coaches.

  18. Preptracker


    Preptracker works to implement “smart athletic solutions” for athletes enrolled in their programs. They also have incredible experience in the industry, which helps separate them from the competition.

  19. CBound


    Cbound is a national recruiting tool that implements useful options for athletes looking to play sports in college. They also have useful overviews and live help sessions.

  20. Vanguard Athletics


    Vanguard Athletics has a wide range of quality information relevant for athletes playing varsity-level sports currently in high school. The information helps them move to the next level and details what needs to be known to properly do so.


There are all kinds of resources out there for student athletes looking for the next step in their athletic and academic careers, and each student needs to find the path that works best for them.

  1. Utah Swords Academy – Fencing in College


    Fencing in College helps equip fencing athletes with all the information to understand local events and the process for fencing in college.

  2. Headfirst Honor Roll Camps


    Headfirst Honor Roll Camps work to ensure an impressive combination of instructional tools, evaluation, and motivation to help students get the edge that enables them to play baseball in college. They’re comprised of some of the most renowned professionals in the sport.

  3. Baseball America: College


    Baseball America has an incredible College section that details the country’s top prospects, as well as providing a high-quality news source concerning recruitment.

  4. ScoutMe


    ScoutMe works with athletes aware that they are good enough to play sports in college, but are not getting the exposure needed to make the jump to the next level.

  5. College Athletic Consulting Service


    Tony Pagliaro is the Director for College Athletic Consulting Service and they focus on moving athletes into the best possible position to play sports in college. They make a point to mention how many smaller colleges do not have the money to actively pursue athletes, often leaving a way for other athletes to get in.

  6. Informed Athlete


    The more informed one is, the better their chance at success. That’s why Informed Athlete makes such a valiant effort to educate their athletes and get them the scholarships they deserve.

  7. US Collegiate Archery


    US Collegiate Archery is all the most important information related to joining the archery team in college. Additionally, it shows readers all the rules and procedures, upcoming events, and much more.

  8. PING American College Golf Guide


    PING American College Golf Guide explains how you can achieve the greatest scholarships and take advantage of an incredible array of opportunities available to these athletes.

  9. International Performance Baseball


    International Performance Baseball develops the baseball players of tomorrow by cultivating the best environment for success through coaching, scouting, games, analysis, conditioning, and more.

  10. Scout Day Player Assessment


    Scout Day Player Assessment is an interesting guide that gives realistic feedback for players determined to make it to the next level of playing baseball.

  11. Baseball Think Tank


    Baseball Think Tank is an incredibly comprehensive resource for getting advice on recruiting, strength training, hitting, pitching, and much more. For those looking to gain an edge when it comes to baseball, this is a go-to source.

  12. Red Numbers Golf


    Red Numbers Golf is run by John Brooks, an expert at getting golfers placed into different college programs across the country. It’s a worthwhile service and ensures exposure for athletes.

  13. Road to College Golf


    Road to College Golf details the most integral ways to establish yourself as a premier golfer at the junior level to have the best chance to play college golf. It’s a great way to get further involved.

  14. College Golf Resumes


    College Golf Resumes is a database of resumes for different college golf coaches from around the country. If you’re an athletic director and are trying to find a new coach, it’s perfect for sifting through hundreds of qualified individuals.

  15. Nicky Goetze


    Nicky Goetze is a junior golf coach that works to improve golfer’s games and allow them to take the step up to the next level.


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