10 Great Sites to Help You Choose Your College Major

College Major Decision Sites

Once you’ve gotten past the daunting process of college applications and you’ve been accepted, a whole new stressful task emerges. Now you have to choose your major! Often times, students fret about choosing a major because it involved making a huge decision about their future. These 10 resources we’ve gathered are intended to make the process a little easier, by giving students ample information to make the most informed decision!

Kyle Winey

College Success Podcast Featuring Kyle Winey of HACKiversity

This episode of the YesCollege Podcast explores several facets of college life and offers tips on how to get ahead. Our guest who helps Scott break this all down is Kyle Winey, author of HACKiversity a book all about achieving more with less effort in college. Click here to view this episode’s show notes.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • The #1 thing that holds most students back from being successful in college.
  • How to decide on your educational and career path sooner instead of later.
  • What ever student and family should know about making college affordable.
  • Kyle’s key tips for making sure you have a job offer before you ever even graduate college.


We have gathered what we feel are some of the best sites and resources to help students through this tough process of choosing a major. Below are the top ten we found, in no particular order.

  1. Gustavus: This online resource is provided through Gustavus Adolphus College, and it contains a list of multiple different majors, as well as links to information on what each of the majors are about, and how they can be utilized in the future.
  2. College View: College View is an online tool for students to use in order to aid them in choosing the right major, as choosing one is not an option in college. Making the right choice, from an informed standpoint, is the goal of this website.
  3. The Princeton Review: The Princeton Review is most well-known for ACT and SAT prep, but the site also has a plethora of information regarding majors, and why they are so important. Providing answers to some frequently asked questions, as well as links to related articles, this site is sure to help students through this stressful process.
  4. 5 Ways to Pick the Right College Major: This article, which was published by U.S. News, outlines the five ways to be sure that you have chosen the right major in college. Providing links to more resources within the article itself, this is a helpful resource for students to review.
  5. Big Future: The College Board has just given students an all-new resource to help choosing their path in college a little easier. Big Future gives students a platform to understand exactly what a major is, and why they should choose one, even in so far as to briefly discuss graduate school!
  6. wikiHow: wikiHow provides a resource for students who are lost in the process of trying to decide on a major. Giving students questions to think about, in order to guide their decision process, this site is helpful because it gives students a chance to really decide on what they want for their future, which makes choosing a major a little easier.
  7. Major Decisions: There are quite a few myths surrounding choosing a major, and often times these myths are what making the major process so hard for students. To help give students a bit of a clearer mind, this website is aimed at disproving some of the top myths about choosing a major.
  8. My Majors: Have you ever wished there was a quiz you could take to help point you in the right direction for choosing a major? Wish no more! My Majors is a website that offers students a plethora of resources, including self-quizzes, to help guide their decision on a major!
  9. ACT: This site offers students an innovative new tool to choose their college major: the Map of College Majors! Using this helpful map allows students to look ahead to future career opportunities, as well as some career planning tips!
  10. How to Pick the Right College Major: Sometimes, students choose a major, and change it within the first two years. This article is explaining why the is perfectly normal, as well as delve into what certain types of majors dabble in!

From taking a look at these sites, it is obvious that choosing a major in college is critical. Though it is important, it should not be such an area of concern for students, at least not for the first year or two. It is okay to change your major a few times to find the perfect fit for what their interests are. After all, it’s your future!

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