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How to Determine Dependency Status in 3 Simple Steps

family dependency status

First off, dependency status simply refers to figuring out if you need to submit one, both, or neither of your parents’ financial information as well as your own when filing the FAFSA. And knowing this beforehand will help in expediting the process, which is always a plus.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) helps the government and colleges determine how much tuition you and your family can afford to pay versus what you will still need to pay to attend. Finding out if you’re a dependent or independent student can seem tricky, which is why I want to break down and demystify this process.

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8 Companies Offering Killer Tuition Reimbursement Programs


Tuition reimbursement programs are all the rage right now. Companies know that the rising costs of college make it difficult to start or continue your education. Luckily there are several places that students can work at that offer tuition assistance.

Many of the companies in this list hire students at any degree level, and are able to work around a school schedule. This type of tuition assistance will help you save money, and make it easier to balance both your school and work life.

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Earn a Merit Scholarship: 11 Best PSAT Prep Tools


The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, better known as the PSAT, is a source of stress for students. But fret not! There are prep courses and study habits students can utilize to maximize their scores.

In no particular order, here are some of the best PSAT prep tools available to aid students in test preparation, which can help them in their pursuit of academic excellence.

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Five .Gov Websites to Bookmark for College

gov websites bookmark college laptop

When it comes to applying, getting into, and paying for college, there are an awful lot of resources out there. Some of those resources are better than others, and unfortunately a large amount of those “resources” offer very little quality.

One area of the web that has gotten significantly better over the years is government education websites. It makes sense too, given how closely the government is tied to education. The following is a short list of 5 government-run education websites that every college student and parent should bookmark.

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10 Great Sites to Help You Choose Your College Major

College Major Decision Sites

Once you’ve gotten past the daunting process of college applications and you’ve been accepted, a whole new stressful task emerges. Now you have to choose your major! Often times, students fret about choosing a major because it involved making a huge decision about their future. These 10 resources we’ve gathered are intended to make the process a little easier, by giving students ample information to make the most informed decision!

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What is the Value of a College Degree?

value of a college degree

Obtaining a college degree is considered to be a prerequisite for success in the modern world. Even so, given how expensive higher education can be, many prospective students and their parents find themselves asking questions like, “What’s the value of a college degree?” or “What’s the ROI (return on investment) of a college education?”

The fact is, owning a college degree is tangible evidence of an educational background often needed to begin or enhance any career. But a post-secondary education is far more than just a pathway to better jobs and higher pay. Here are a few more reasons, tangible and intangible, to ponder and hopefully motivate you to fill out those applications.

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What Is the Difference Between a Grant and a Scholarship?

difference between grant scholarship

As the workforce becomes more competitive, an education is more and more necessary—but it’s coming at a steeper price. Over the past 30 years, college costs have increased faster than the rate of inflation; all told, the cost of tuition and fees has gone up a whopping 1,120%.

According to CourseSmart, in the 1972-1973 school year public tuition and fees averaged $2,225, while private tuition cost $10,378. In the 2012-2013 school year, those numbers have skyrocketed–$8,655 for public school and $29,056 for private school. And in the 2010-2011 school year, students spent more than $1,100 on textbooks.

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101 Best Databases For Finding A Scholarship Online


Scholarships are hands-down the best way to finance an education, but getting them isn’t always easy, and even finding enough scholarships to apply for can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are many sites online devoted to helping students find scholarships of all types, from merit-based academic scholarships to those that offer students with specific interests or experience a shot at more college funding, and even contests where students can compete in academic challenges to win tuition money.

These databases, search tools, and lists are the best of the best for students who are serious about getting as many great scholarships as possible. This list isn’t meant as a ranking, but rather a resource, a database in itself, of the best scholarship lists, databases, and resources out there.

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Top 99 Twitter Accounts Covering Financial Aid


Finding financial aid is a huge part of many students’ college search and application process. Getting good loans, scholarships, grants, and other forms of aid can make the difference between going to a first-choice college, and not going at all, so it is important for students to have access to all of the relevant information about financial aid that might be available to them. Fortunately, there is a huge community of financial aid experts, lending organizations, and even college financial aid offices on Twitter sharing excellent advice on how to go about getting financial aid.

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Top 100 Sites & Apps for ACT / SAT Prep

Top 100 sites and apps for act sat prep

Top 100 sites and apps for act sat prep

Years of standardized testing throughout elementary, middle, and high school lead up to the big moment when students take the SAT or ACT that influences which colleges will accept them and what their future higher education opportunities will look like. Studying for these two tests is important, to say the least, and there are many websites, apps, and other online resources dedicated to helping diligent students get ready for this academic rite of passage. We’ve gathered 100 excellent resources to help you prepare for these important tests.

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