8 Companies Offering Killer Tuition Reimbursement Programs


Tuition reimbursement programs are all the rage right now. Companies know that the rising costs of college make it difficult to start or continue your education. Luckily there are several places that students can work at that offer tuition assistance.

Many of the companies in this list hire students at any degree level, and are able to work around a school schedule. This type of tuition assistance will help you save money, and make it easier to balance both your school and work life.

Food Industry

  1. Starbucks has become quite famous for their partnership with Arizona State University (ASU). Together, they create the College Achievement Plan. Any full or part-time employees who are eligible to receive other benefits can take advantage of this program. You will take classes online, have free access to tutors, and receive 100% tuition coverage while pursuing your Bachelor’s degree.
  2. Chipotle now offers tuition reimbursement for both their salaried and hourly employees, in addition to a full range of other benefits. You are eligible for their program after a consecutive year of employment. You will also be reimbursed for books, fees, and tuition up to $5,250 per year.

Logistics Industry

  1. UPS has a comprehensive Earn & Learn Program that employees can join the exact moment they are hired. The program is designed for part-time employees who can receive up to $25,000 over the course of their college careers. They will be prorated in the event they are hired in the middle of a semester.

Customer Service Industry

  1. WalMart used a strategy similar to Starbucks’ by also partnering with a university as part of their Lifelong Learning Program. American Public University (APU) provides WalMart employees (and eligible family members) with a 15% tuition grant for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Undergraduate students will have the cost of their textbooks covered under their Undergraduate Book Grant. Veterans who are also WalMart employees may qualify for further educational financial aid.
  2. The Home Depot employees can participate in their Tuition Reimbursement Program after 90 days of employment. Part-time hourly employees in this program receive up to $1,500 per year, full-time hourly employees receive up to $3,000 per year, and salaried employees up to $5,000 per year. Half of their reimbursement goes toward books and course fees, and the other half covers tuition-related fees.
  3. Verizon supports their team through their Tuition Assistance benefits. If you work there part-time you could receive up to $4,000 per year, and full-time you could get up to $8,000 per year. This program covers continuing education courses, certificate programs, and undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  4. Bank of America (BOA) provides Life Management Benefits. As long as the employee is enrolled in a degree program or graduate or undergraduate courses related to their BOA career, they can get up to $5,250 per year. These funds are used toward textbooks or tuition, registration, lab, or other fees.
  5. The J.M. Smucker Company is happy to help you pursue higher education through their Financial Well Being Benefits. Once Smucker’s approves your college courses, you could receive up to 100% tuition reimbursement. They also have a scholarship program for their employee’s children that awards $3,000 and it’s renewable.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. Working at these places allows you to save money on tuition that you would’ve paid for out of pocket or with loans. For other tuition saving tips and college advice, be sure to look through our other blog posts.

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